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Welcome to R&R Village!

R&R Village is both a proof of concept for what a trauma-informed community could look like and a Reparation for the harm caused by systemic racism and oppression to ADOS (American Descendents Of Slavery). We are a 501(c)(3) organization that fosters change over a 3-7 year period with all of the support necessary for personalized trauma healing and self-actualization. 

How We Help

We lay out a path from resilience to revival for ADOS that includes the benefits of multigenerational living for housing security, holistic & trauma-informed mental health services, building a safe community through restorative justice, food security through community gardens and kitchens, basic home repair/disaster preparedness training and building community as social capital.

R&R Village Brochure
Our Vision

A healed and thriving Black and ADOS (American Descendents Of Slavery) community that operates in harmony with the natural rhythms of life.

OUr Values

We are RESOLVED to develop and empower contributing members of the Black and ADOS communities to create a dignified life for generations to come.

Botanical capital letter R vector

R-espect of self and others


E-motional intelligence

Botanical capital letter S vector

S-ervice with a purpose  

Botanical capital letter O vector

O-ptimism in the face of opposition

Botanical capital letter L vector

L-eadership cultivation

Botanical capital letter V vector

V-alor in the face of change


E-mpowering survivorship

Botanical capital letter D vector

D-edication to community restoration 


Our Executive Board

Alexis Douglas

Alexis Douglas (she/her) is a spiritual counselor, workshop facilitator, and  community advocate. In her current role at R&R Village she facilitates retreats that help Black and American Descendants Heal from the impact of systemic racism. Alexis attended and Graduated from Central Michigan University in 2016. She received her Bachelor’s degree in integrated leadership. As a child, she endured many hardships and overcame them all. It is because of these hardships that she has dedicated her life to her mission of restoring love in a tangible way to those who have been oppressed. She resides in Detroit and is a native.

Quisha E'lom-Ashley

Quisha E'lom-Ashley (she/her) is a self-proclaimed “communications polymath,” with a passion for strategically connecting creatives to their target communities. The other part of her personal mission is to connect communities to their creativity. She works to achieve this mission through community-based projects and initiatives that expose at-risk youth & disenfranchised communities to expressive art skills, programs, and events that are partnered with various local nonprofits.

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Joy Linton

Joy Linton (she/her) is a Computer Scientist with a passion for helping others. She holds degrees in Accounting, Computer Science, and Management. She is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Joy has used her knowledge and skills to support groups with raising awareness and affecting positive change to address the racial and social injustices that impact the Black and American Descendants Of Slavery (ADOS) communities. She is an avid participant in 5k running/walking events that support a variety of charitable organizations, and she regularly volunteers at her church.


There are many ways to contribute to the work we do at R&R Village. Whether it's through a single or monthly donation, planned gift, donation of land, or volunteering your time, we appreciate any investments to see black futures secured!

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We want to thank all the donors you see below and those who have donated anonymously. We are grateful for your support in securing black futures!